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GES offers a comprehensive array of electrical system repair, maintenance, and installation services to ensure that your facility’s electrical infrastructure is operating safely, efficiently, and without the risk of outage. We work on a variety of projects from residential & Mission critical infrastructures.


Pre-Construction services

  • Planning and Layout

  • Project Coordination

  • BIM/CAD Modeling

  • Point Layout

  • Prefabrication

  • Design-Build

  • Project Delivery

Installation Services

  • Lighting system installation, repair, and maintenance

  • EHT Splicing, shielding, and terminations

  • Cable pull and cable tray repair, installation, and maintenance

  • Electrical Raceway assessment and repair

  • Instrumentation services

  • Ballast & bulb replacement

  • Monitoring solutions for high-mast light towers

  • Running conduit below and above ground

  • Security and fire alarm installations

  • Controls installations

Preventative & Maintenance Services

  • Electrical Service for Voltage Regulators, Panels, and Transformers

  • Protection from Overcurrent

  • Grounding Systems

  • Motor Controls, Switches, and Switchgears

  • Wiring Distribution and Terminations

  • Service for Arc Fault Circuit Breakers (AFCI) and Ground Fault Circuit Breakers (GFCI)

  • Lamp and Ballast Replacement

  • Repairs for All Types of Lighting Like Motion, Security, and Recessed

  • Rewiring For Relocation of Equipment

  • Electric Troubleshooting and Fault Finding

  • Repairing Issues Found After Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshoot and Fix Building Power Supply

  • Fixing Issues with Generators

  • Maintenance on Select Electrical Equipment

  • Correcting Alarms and Motion Detection Systems

  • Whole Building Surge Protection

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